Bhaktapur Earthquake Relief Project

The massive earthquakes that struck Nepal on April 25 along with continual aftershocks, have created disastrous conditions throughout central Nepal. This is how the ITrekNepal staff, our families and friends are responding.

Bhaktapur Relief Project
We have initiated the Bhaktapur Relief Project to help ITrekNepal staff and their families rebuild their homes and lives that have been disrupted by the April 25th earthquake. Please visit more information about this project and to donate.
Because of its location and concentration of ancient buildings Bhaktapur was one of the hardest hit areas in Nepal. In addition to the loss of hundreds of lives, over half of the homes and many major cultural sites were either destroyed or seriously damaged by the quake. The personal losses and the destruction of so much of Nepal’s cultural heritage is almost incalculable. The ITrekNepal staff and friends have already started delivering emergency supplies to those in greatest need around Bhaktapur. They are also bringing aid to the villages of our guides and porters in the Langtang and Everest regions. To support these efforts we have set up the Bhaktapur Relief Project which is distributing 100% of all donations directly to emergency needs and the rebuilding of damaged homes.We have already received over ItrekNepal staff helping with recovery at a village near Bhaktapur. iTrekNepal team working for Bhaktapur Earthquake Relief $30,000 in donations and pledges from 70 contributors, and have a goal of raising at least $60,000 in the next month. Please visit the Bhaktapur Relief Project web page to learn more about this project and how you can contribute. You can also visit the ITrekNepal Facebook page for updates about our current activities. Thank you to our many friends who have already donated.

iTrekNepal staffs working in Earthquake Relief Project

iTrekNepal staffs working and collecting damage data after earthquake

Earthquake strikes in Nepal , April 25, 2015

The massive earthquakes struck Nepal on April 25 have created disastrous conditions throughout central Nepal.

We are glad to report that all ITrekNepal guests, staff and their families in Nepal are ok.

Thank you to everyone who has sent us messages and calls expressing concern and offering support in the aftermath of the earthquake. We are grateful that all of our staff, family and friends are safe, but immensely saddened by the loss of lives, massive destruction, and the rebuilding task ahead. We will assess the situation as quickly as possible to determine the best way that assistance can be provided, and will be organizing relief efforts for which we welcome your contributions.

We will keep updating the status as we hear. Our thoughts are with all those in Nepal who have been affected by this tragedy.