Private or Group Trekking

One of the biggest decisions for most people who are thinking about a trek in Nepal is whether to join a scheduled group or to trek with their own guide (and porter). There are benefits with either option, and which way you decide to go depends on several factors.
Most trekkers planning to travel to Nepal on their own want to join a scheduled group, both for the companionship and to reduce the trek cost. This is usually the best alternative if you’re planning to come to Nepal by yourself but it is not always ideal. If you are not constrained by a tight budget and you’d like more flexibility with your itinerary, schedule and trek pace, it may be wise to trek with your own guide and porter. Usually there are other trekkers to meet and join up with along the way so you won’t be lacking for companions, and the cost of a private guide is less than expected. If you are coming to Nepal to trek with at least one other person then there is no extra cost for a private trek with your own guide, and you’ll have lots of flexibility.

Beth and Steve Curl at Thorung La pass

You can also plan your trek date to coincide with a scheduled trek so you’ll have the option to join them along the route, or can set off at your own pace if you choose and even vary the itinerary if you choose.
Most people find that other trekkers are like-minded people who make great companions on a long trip, so joining a scheduled group usually works out very well. Many ITrekNepal guests have made life-long friendships with people they have joined on our treks. But if you’re at all concerned about being stuck with someone you might not like, or if you feel you might either holding back the group or they will be holding you back, then having a private trek will give you lots of freedom and insure that you can go exactly where, when and how quickly you want to.
At iTrekNepal we do everything possible to provide our guests with the most flexible schedules, itineraries and trek arrangements. Please don’t hesitate to ask us about the options for arranging the ideal trek according to your preferences.

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