Sunrise at Sarangkot

When Lonely Planet puts ‘Sunrise at Sarangkot’ as their number one thing to do in Nepal, you feel obliged to experience it. The only problem is that almost everyone else has the same idea as you.

You do question yourself whilst waking up in the pitch black and stepping out into a cold, but it is worth the trouble. There is the option of driving (which takes about 30 minutes from the  lakeside in Pokhara) or the option of hiking up in the dark (approximately 3/4 hours). The brilliant sunrise is just reward for hiking your way up, but almost  everyone else seems happy to catch a bus up there so you will  share the experience with lots of others.

But no matter how busy it might get or how hazy the morning is, you can never forget seeing the towering Annapurna Range slumber from its deep sleep and appear out of the darkness. That was most certainly the highlight, especially as the sun eventually shined directly upon the mountains to give a deep orange huefor a short while.

It was spectacular, and if you do have the chance whilst in Pokhara I would recommend dragging yourself out of the warm safety of your bed to do it. And if you are feeling particularly energetic, making the time to hike up instead.

Pokhara Paragliding with Sunrise Paragliding in Nepal

I wrote about paragliding in Pokhara Nepal last October.  At the time I didn’t have a video camera with me, or even a camera while we were in the air.  I’ve made many trips to Nepal in the last year, but the operations side and a trip to Mustang  had kept me so busy that I hadn’t had another chance to paraglide.  When I was in Nepal last month I was determined to get back into the air, and this time I made sure to get some video and stills.  Here’s the result.  Hope you enjoy

Paragliding Pokhara Nepal

Where Eagles Dare…
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