Pokhara Paragliding with Sunrise Paragliding in Nepal

I wrote about paragliding in Pokhara Nepal last October.  At the time I didn’t have a video camera with me, or even a camera while we were in the air.  I’ve made many trips to Nepal in the last year, but the operations side and a trip to Mustang  had kept me so busy that I hadn’t had another chance to paraglide.  When I was in Nepal last month I was determined to get back into the air, and this time I made sure to get some video and stills.  Here’s the result.  Hope you enjoy

Mustang Trek in Early July

In early July this year I took many of our Nepali team on a thank-you trip to the forbidden Kingdom of LO (Mustang)

The Kingdom of Lo in the Mustang Region of Nepal is one of the most remote kingdoms on earth. One of the few remaining authentic Tibetan cultures still left in the world, the northern part of this astounding kingdom is open to a small number of permit holders each year. Sheltered by such massive Himalayan peaks as Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, Mustang is a rugged moonscape of walled monasteries, windy plains and towns that time forgot. Continue reading

Paragliding Pokhara Nepal

Where Eagles Dare…
Lake Phewa, Pokhara is a great place to relax post-trek, as I have done for a few days. “Seen it from the ground,” I thought to myself, this morning, “time for a different perspective!”I climbed up to the viewpoint at Sarangkot from where the cool lake beckoned below. I wanted to get closer. So I threw myself off the mountain… Continue reading